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Quay Quarter Display Suite

How do you share what it feels like to work in a grand cutting- edge building with one acre of green space when all you have to work with is a concrete box?

The challenge was to make an immersive suite at 50 Bridge Street that would help potential tenants of Quay Quarter Tower experience the magnificence of the building post development.


  • Pre-sell the new suites before breaking ground
  • Enable Real Estate Agents to walk potential tenants through the new building through projection, models, images and VR, to demonstrate the features of the area.


Working with AMP and Urbanite we were tasked with envisioning the future workplace. One where tasks might transition from wall to touch table to tablet and to AV screen.

Holly provided a dramatic peak into seamless personalised content. Stories about place and amenity travelled across devices, projections and 3D objects. The system was rock-solid and easy to control for even the most technophobic user.

Exploring floorplates was turned into a collaborative experience where salespeople and customers could annotate drawings and email the output with a personalised message.

Finally REVIT models were skinned and lit to provide a Google Cardboard walkthrough. Users took their branded cardboard home with other goodies.

And at the push of a button the whole suite was reset—ready for the next group to come and experience the future of the Australian workspace!


  • 3 projector panoramic display
  • Projection mapped models of the building and surrounding city
  • Touch table with 3 experiences
  • Tablet control
  • VR walkthrough
  • Conference and AV presentation suite built into the system.


Quay Quarter Tower has 76% pre-commitment from tenants and development has commenced.