Set up a views slideshow using Cycle 2 and Colorbox

Tech Notes

Here is a quick step by step tuturial on how to set up a views slideshow using Cycle 2 and displaying each item of the slideshow in a colorbox window when clicked. * Download and enable colorbox, media_colorbox, libraries.* Create a folder "colorbox" in the directory libraries/ and download the contents of the Colorbox plugin there. The latest link to the plugin may be found on the colorbox module page:* Download and enable views_slideshow-7.x-3.0 (this version because there is an issue with the latest for Cycle2* In modules/contrib execute:    $ git clone --branch master views_slideshow__cycle2 (detailed instructions here:* In libraries/  execute:  $ mkdir jquery.cycle2 and download in that new folder: $ wget && wget* Create a new view with Format "slideshow". In the settings under "Slideshow Type" select "Cycle2".* To enable swipe, select "View Transition Advanced Options" and confirm that "Swipe" is enabled.* To display images in a colorbox on click: download and enable the colorbox module. * Colorbox comes with a built in view mode, in the view, under the image field, select "colorbox" and for a "slideshow" in the colorbox select "Per page Gallery" under "Gallery (image grouping)".* In our latest project we needed two different displays for colorbox on two different views, therefore the entity_view_mode module is required.